Iced Coffee Please?

IMG_5011   IMG_5028

On our way to the Picasso museum, we wandered all the way to an amazing coffee shop named Ob-La-Di. Everyone was dying for some iced coffee, and this place definitely did not disappoint. I went crazy over the patterned blue floor. Lloyd, the man working there, turned out to be a friendly Australian who just travels around the world making coffee. What a life. We needed to cool down from the heat so we sat down, wrote in our journals, and did some reading. The only downside was this fan by the cash register that blew up a total of three girls’ skirts that walked by. Maybe they should move it…

One thought on “Iced Coffee Please?

  1. The topping on the bread looks amazing! Is it pomegranate seeds and some kind of avocado mixture? Can’t wait for more updates!


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