Ciao Bella

IMG_5135 IMG_5148 IMG_5211 IMG_5214IMG_5220 IMG_5225 IMG_5243IMG_5253 IMG_5270 IMG_5279 IMG_5293

A group of us decided to take a weekend trip to Italy (thank you Professor Raquel for the three day weekend). I didn’t realize how full of history and exciting Pompeii would be. I definitely enjoy the paintings on the walls of the ruins that were still intact the most. We then traveled to Postiano, Italy the second day to fulfill that beach craving everyone had. The train ride there was crowded, hot, smelly, and my roommate fainted. It was that bad, but the scenery was gorgeous and the water was clear and refreshing and we unanimously agreed that it was worth the crazy one hour train ride.


4 thoughts on “Ciao Bella

  1. The pastel colored buildings all look so amazing! Can’t wait to see more photography, your pictures are the best(:


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