Au Revoir


My lovely friend Ani came to sleepover and spend my last two days in Paris with me. We shopped and we shopped until my arms hurt from carrying all the bags and Ani had to assist me. She even helped me pack and took the train with me all the way to the airport. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her because my luggage was crazy heavy. Having her hang out with me (or rather do chores with me) ended up being the best end to this trip I could have ever asked for.


These pictures were taken on the balcony of my apartment! Oh, I’m going to miss that beautiful apartment with its balcony and flowy white curtains. I would often wake up to my roommate sitting on the balcony eating strawberries and looking out onto the streets. What a way to live.


This beautiful raspberry rose Pierre Herme macaron served as our farewell to Paris treat. The rose petal was real and surprisingly refreshing to eat! The macaron was almost as dreamy as this entire experience has been. The only way I could keep myself from sinking into sadness was by promising Paris that I would be back for it one day & I intend to keep that promise.


Leaving London – Full of Food and Full of Love

This weekend I had to fight off the urge to say “Merci Beaucoup” every time I left a store because I finally was in an English speaking country! I spontaneously decided to travel to London to visit my friends Serena and Danielle over the weekend and they took such good care of me. Serena and I almost had a panic attack because the plan was for me to sleep over at her room, but her housing building last minute implemented a new “no guests from 9pm-9am” policy and it was already 10:30pm so we set up this elaborate plan to lie and sneak me in, but we got caught and the security man was incredibly intimidating. I thought I wasn’t going to have a place to stay the night! Then after a very stern scolding, the security guard suddenly turned nice and bent the rules after we told him the truth so I could stay. We were confused at this sudden switch in personality but we both agreed that honesty really is actually the best policy.




My first meal in London was fish & chips (typical), then the next day we dressed up all fancy and headed over to Browns Hotel for a legit experience of afternoon tea. It. Was. So. Fancy. The waiter poured all our teas for us, the sandwiches and cakes came in an unlimited supply, and there was even a live piano player! Can the place get any classier?!



IMG_5908   IMG_5789

Then we walked over to Reagents Park which was beautifully green and full of gorgeous flowers left and right. All the bathrooms in the area slowly started shutting down though, and that did not agree with my small bladder.


So we left to Dishoom’s for some crazy amazing Indian food. The line was a 1.5 hour wait, and Danielle waited alone for 1 hour because I wasn’t feeling well and needed a jacket and an advil (she’s the best). On Sunday, we headed over to Borough Market to preemptively celebrate Bastille day and nibble on some more yummies. Then I left for the train again back to Paris!

IMG_5868   IMG_5933

The weekend was spent with two of the sweetest, funniest, and most encouraging two people I know. It felt like I was home again. I left London feeling full of both food and of love.