Au Revoir


My lovely friend Ani came to sleepover and spend my last two days in Paris with me. We shopped and we shopped until my arms hurt from carrying all the bags and Ani had to assist me. She even helped me pack and took the train with me all the way to the airport. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her because my luggage was crazy heavy. Having her hang out with me (or rather do chores with me) ended up being the best end to this trip I could have ever asked for.


These pictures were taken on the balcony of my apartment! Oh, I’m going to miss that beautiful apartment with its balcony and flowy white curtains. I would often wake up to my roommate sitting on the balcony eating strawberries and looking out onto the streets. What a way to live.


This beautiful raspberry rose Pierre Herme macaron served as our farewell to Paris treat. The rose petal was real and surprisingly refreshing to eat! The macaron was almost as dreamy as this entire experience has been. The only way I could keep myself from sinking into sadness was by promising Paris that I would be back for it one day & I intend to keep that promise.


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