I’m Back San Fran

IMG_6369untitled  IMG_6310IMG_6312IMG_6305  untitled2IMG_6303  untitled3untitled4

I was welcomed back into fog city with a surprising amount of sun. I’m lovin it.IMG_6367IMG_6336  IMG_6337

Now that I’m back from Paris, I definitely am experiencing withdrawals. During my lunch break at work, I actually started looking up the cost of plane tickets to go back to Paris next summer. Heh. I am currently working as a summer temp at Hills Physicians with a bunch of amazing & inspiring pharmacists in managed care. I get my own cubicle and glass name place card everything! I feel so legit. The commute to San Ramon is quite far, but manageable. When the weekend finally came, my sister and I decided to venture out to our own home’s backyard. We usually affiliate the backyard with our precious puppy Snowy’s bathroom space. As we stepped out back, even though we’ve lived in this house all our lives, we both realized we didn’t even know what color the back of our house was! As you can tell, due the association of the backyard with poop, we don’t go back there much. This time around, we’ve developed a newfound appreciation for our white paneled backyard and the new garden my mom has begun. I guess since both her children are growing older and leaving for college, she still needed something to take care of. Haha it’s sweet.

Getting to spend quality time with my little sister has been one of my favorite things about summer. When we were little, we used to help each other circumvent our parent’s strict rules, toss stuffed animals back and forth as a game of intense catch when we were supposed to be asleep, and pull up sleeping bags to have sleepovers in the other’s rooms. I love being around her because she’s weird, which influences me to become weird, and all the weirdness just cracks me up. She’s going off to college in less than a month so I’m super excited for her! She’s also getting her wisdom teeth out later this week. I’m excited to make fun of her and her chubby chipmunk cheeks.

Excited for the many super hip adventures in San Francisco to come.


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