Bread & Sweets All Day


My good friend Monica decided to come to SF to hang out with me for a day! Our first stop was to The Mill. A cafe that describes themself as a “joint venture between Four Barrel Coffee and Josey Baker Bread”. Monica and I both agreed that the place and all of its customers looked like they were plucked straight out from an edition of Kinfolk.




Next, we hopped on over to Mr. Holmes Bakery. There was no line because we got there kind of late. Eh…Pros and Cons. We missed the Cruffins, but every other pastry we tasted was beyond delicious. I would highly recommend.




Yeah I did. No jk I didn’t.


IMG_6485  IMG_6484

Then we went to the Mission District (her fav) and enjoyed some samples and gawked at the cheese at Bi-Rite Market after doing some people watching at Mission Delores Park. My favorite cheese from there would definitely have to be the triple cream brie. $7 seems kinda pricey for a slice of cheese, but you need to try it. It is totally worth every penny.

  IMG_6491   IMG_6501


We then contemplated purchasing an air plant. They literally just hang off the wall. Who knew that was a thing?


We then walked over to this amazing tiny dessert shop called the Sixth Course. I bought a small box of chocolates that consisted of a Habanero flavor, a curry flavor, brown butter sage, and a smokey caramel. The Habanero (the lonely white, red, and yellow chocolate in the top left corner) was almost all sold out, so I made sure to snatch up the last one standing. It surprisingly tasted pretty hot and spicy, but the sweetness of the white chocolate balanced it out pretty well. Plus. Everything looks so pretty!


Tartine Bakery was our next stop! A kind stranger behind us recommended this porridge bread and so we decided to try that one! It was moist and freshly out at 4:30pm. Totally worth the line yet again. After all, long line = high probability the food there is BOMB.


And the bread was indeed bomb.

  IMG_6531 IMG_6532IMG_6530

Isn’t she cute? Lastly we attempted to walk off all the sweets we had eaten today by climbing the famous Moraga steps! These are barely a 5 minute drive away from my house. I love seeing all the names of all the people who contributed to the building of these stairs when etching into the tiles.

IMG_6538 IMG_6540 IMG_6551 IMG_6562

4 thoughts on “Bread & Sweets All Day

  1. I totally miss The Mill. Went to sanford Sisco for my birthday and this is one of the spots I wanted to check out. Glad I did too 🙂


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