Getting Toast(y) for the Winter


Finals were certainly stressful this time around, but there is no better feeling than the freedom I felt from finishing my last test and walking out to the fresh air. Only two more quarters until I graduate from University of California, Davis! There is no telling what comes afterwards, but hey, let’s take life one step at a time! To celebrate the end of finals and the start of the holidays, my sister-Katie-and I decided to make some cute little toasts ! I totally stole the idea for this punny blog title from my sister btw. We grabbed our inspiration from Tastemade, a group on Facebook that has delicious food ideas. You can visit their video through the link down below.


Katie has always been the better chef, and I always learn really simple foundational things from cooking with her. To wash strawberries and blueberries, she taught me to soak them in water a little bit of baking soda. I just always scrubbed them in water. Apparently she learned that from our mother… I should pay attention in the kitchen more.


Today, I decided that one of my favorite sensations in the world was the taste of freshly hand-whipped heavy whipping cream.

It was a very simple process. We toasted the bread, whipped the cream, spread the Nutella, cut the fruit, and placed them aesthetically all over the place.

Orange and Walnut Nutella Toast
Kiwi and Banana Toast
Strawberry and Blueberry Nutella Toast
Apple Walnut and Cinnamon Sugar Toast
Fresh Tomato and Pepper Toast
Avocado and Pomegranate Toast
Your chefs for today: Me (left) and Katie (right)

Where we drew our inspiration from: