Not Bad Tahoe, Not Bad


I was really excited to bring my camera on the “A12 Tahoe Trip”, which what my boyfriend’s housemates collectively call themselves since their apartment number is 12. Cute right? I was trying to capture some amazing moments, and got a really artsy picture of my friend Preston (shown above) and smiled at being able to catch this moment..only to realize seconds later that the moment I was capturing was a huge snowball aimed at me. HAHA. Worth it.


This group of friends and I decided we should makes these first weekend of the new year Tahoe trips an annual thing! It has given me a little more hope to continue to grow these friends after graduating from college. Recently, I’ve been slipping into a more defensive state, where I begin to distance myself from my community and certain friendships that I see less hope for in maintaining over long distances after I leave University of California, Davis. I realized over this weekend though, that I did not want to live out any portion of my life with that mindset. I want to have hope, and to genuinely believe in the worth and value of myself to others, so that way the effort I take to maintain friendships will come from a more grounded place.


Speaking of friends, we befriended the CUTEST husky this past weekend! We rented an Airbnb cabin, and one day, we opened the door and in came a beautifully groomed husky. He just trotted casually into the cabin and lay below our table. Everyone stared for a second without movement, shocked at what had just happened, but then seconds later, everyone was “aww-ing” and “ooh-ing” while trying to cuddle with the cute pup. On his name tag, it literally read “even if I beg to stay, tell me to go home”, so my boyfriend started laughing as he read it out loud, but once he said the words “go home”, the obedient little husky jumped up and bounced out our back door. The poor thing got confused when people kept beckoning him and also telling him to go home. Loved the friendly little pup.


I visited a second group of friends of friends while up in Tahoe, and we had the most legit snowball fight ever. Although I was granted immunity from the snowballs (thank you beautiful expensive camera), everyone else was building forts, tackling each other, and wow it was intense. Hilarious to watch! My toes froze off though, and I had to sit down and defrost my near-numb toes by the warm beautiful electric fireplace! Real fire sprouts up with a timer switch, no mess, low maintenance. I gotta get me one of those one day. Reading by the warm, crackling fireplace was not bad, not bad at all.


So apparently icicles are real easy to break off of roofs, and also a crazy amount of fun. Icicles are multipurpose my friends. Here, meet my dear Iris the dramatic unicorn with a crystal horn.


Little icicles can also serve as a cute drink decoration AND a creative piece of ice to keep your drink cool. Very fashion forward. But below, you can see my friend, Bryan, got a little too ambitious with that new idea.


We also made icicle ice cream cones. Now, I’m not quite sure how clean the snow was, but my logic is that fresh fallen snow is like fresh rain, it hasn’t touched anything and so therefore much purely be water. We added evaporated milk and agave to fresh snow and when we took a bite, it taste surprisingly delicious. Who knew?!


Our backyard was so fun. It was full of fresh snow from the nighttime (you can tell how fresh it is by how far my friend had sunk in trying to walk through haha). We had icicles trimming the entirety of the cabin, and even a hot tub on our patio! I hot tubbed at night while a light snowfall surrounded us. That contrast of hot and cool was an amazingly beautiful experience.


We also found this gorgeous snow covered beach less then a 10 minute drive away from our cabin! Lake Tahoe really never ceases to be beautiful.


So obviously, not everyone understands how to “dab” correctly… ahem Bryan (dude on the far right in the picture below). These friends definitely bring out the silly sides of each other, from the luscious hair whips, to the nose pinchings, to the hilarious new dance move trends.


They know how to be silly, invent new slang (it actually passes around sometimes but mostly they just sound like a group of hilarious weirdos), and make each other laugh, but they also care very deeply about each other’s hearts and well-being. They are always willing to pray, to make time, and to discuss your heart’s struggles with you. They are ready to make your stomach hurt from laughing, and yet always ready to uplift your sinking spirits as well. I got little pieces of treasure with me hehe.


24 thoughts on “Not Bad Tahoe, Not Bad

      1. Those icicles are amazing. You have a good eye for posing people. May steal some of your ideas for my wedding later this year


      2. Oh definitely a lot of exploring! I just always saw food as a form of art and I mean San Francisco has a plethora of amazing and exciting new delicious foods to try so it was always fun for my sister and I go explore them!


      3. I love the Bay Area. If I lived in the States, I’d like to live there. What are your favourite eateries in town?


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