Lavender Earl Grey Mini-Cakes


Next week is the week of midterms, and to be a real college student, of course I had to find a way to procrastinate. This time, it was by making some tiny early grey lavender cakes with my good friend Amy Jan. She’s actually a fashionista (you must pay a visit to, an extremely intelligent student in the sciences, and a sweet sweet soul. I say this as she is making me dinner right now as I study. Yeah, she’s a pretty good friend.


The recipe we followed interestingly instructed us to steep the earl grey in the butter. We are not quite sure whether we did that successfully… so lets just call them lavender mini-cakes from now on. Heh.


The lavender mini-cakes turned our surprisingly well, and they taste quite delicious! The cakes are infused with early grey and lavender and are topped off with a white chocolate lemon ganache.


Cheers to a successful day of baking, and hopefully a better day of studying tomorrow!


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