“Clothedwith” Hip-ness


I have had many thoughts lately.


In all of middle school and high school, my number one priority was to study and get A’s. I spent a majority of my time studying at home, getting cranky when someone or something would come up and interrupt my work flow. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just to make sure I memorized every little detail to ensure that A. That’s the way I was raised, and sadly it was what filled me with joy and what proved to everyone else that I was worth something. Grades came first, nothing else.

I came to college and met people who pushed me, who believed in me, and one of my most significant memories was looking through an encouraging note that my friend (who had known me since my first year of college) that had written, “It’s been amazing witnessing how you’ve transformed from putting school first, to making people your priority.” That warmed my heart, and was how I decided I wanted to continue to line my priorities up.

Because this is the most packed and heavy course load I have had my entire college career, it has been tempting for me to fall back to where I was before. But I continue to remind myself that I love others because God’s love overflowed in my life. It’s really great having this no pressure, lean on God, and letting this natural overflow of love seep into my friendships.

IMG_9098  IMG_9099

These thoughts were going willy nilly through my head during my coffee / study date with Amy. We set up weekly hang outs! Whether it’s to take pictures for our blogs (hers is at clothedwith.com) , to try baking new foods, or to just study because I had four midterm days in a row. Sigh. But I am glad that still we make time for each other every week hehe.


We did manage to find an amazingly cute little coffee shop at Davis’ next door neighbor, Sacramento. This particular coffee shop is called The Mill, and it had the minimalistic, white walled coffee shop vibe that we both just loved. The latte was delicious, but the foam on top died really quick.. haha. The vibe was so chill. I absolutely adored the hipster little reefs that they hung around the place. I want one!

IMG_9105  IMG_9109

Chill coffee vibes – check
Deep contemplations about life – check
Delicious latte – check
Quality time with Amy – check

I’d say it was a productive day.



8 thoughts on ““Clothedwith” Hip-ness

  1. Such a good mantra to live by! You gotta have your coffee, your cupcakes, but most of all, your crew! Another great blog post!!


  2. Thanks for stopping by at my blog (curiecat.wordpress.com) and following! 🙂
    I’m glad I found a “student blog”…it’s good to have things to read and places to see (even if it be through pictures!) that I can relate to within my own life; especially, when the content provides such a positive and rational outlook on life, such as your blog. Best wishes for any mid-terms you may be having!


  3. Hi, fellow Aggie! Thanks for stopping by my page. Your post really spoke to me. I was the same way, letting my grades define my worth. Maybe even wanting grades to define my worth because I knew I was good at getting those A’s. But out in the real world, you realize that the grades were just a crutch, because as a grownup, no one cares about grades anymore. You then have to find something else that helps you figure out your worth. And then…you realize it’s all about the ability to connect with people. Our (Chinese?) parents maybe had it a little wrong, right? Hard work and strong work ethic will get you far, but not far enough. It’s amazing what people skills, manners, and an empathic heart can do. Good luck in school!


  4. You have your priorities in order–and so young. Good for you, and thanks for stopping by eve’s apple! ~Marisa (mcproco.wordpress.com)


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