Sutro Baths

One of my hands down favorite spots in the Richmond area in San Francisco, when I go back home, is Sutro Baths/Lands End. It’s an easy, simple hike, and full of amazing scenery. The area used to be a glamorous public saltwater indoor pool in the early 20th century, but then it burned down in the mid-90s. However, it’s glory lives on because the ruins are actually one of the most visited landmarks in San Francisco! Needless to say, I love it.


I think that every single time I’ve been there, I’ve seen engagement shoots, wedding shootings, or just boyfriends that want to take pictures of their girlfriends (like the guy Harry is accidentally pretending to kick), so needless to say, this is a good good spot.


As college comes to a close, everyone has been stressing out about what is to happen next. They are thinking a lot about what career path to choose, which location to settle down in, etc. But I’m just sitting here knowing that wherever I go, God’s got my back. To trust Him is so exciting, because he always makes good of the unexpected. I’m settling on the fact that I’ve made lifelong friends here at UC Davis, and that there’s time to be taken advantage of now! Instead of worrying too much about what is going to happen, I’m making sure to enjoy every TINY bit of the last few months I do have left!


This quarter has been my most difficult quarter, academics wise, and I’m SO EXCITED for it to be over! For some reason, all three of the hardest classes I have ever taken are only offered winter quarter, so I was forced to do it all at once. I find myself asking… when was the last time I had enough sleep. HAHA so sad!  But then, my friend Phoebe and I are going to venture off to Seattle this spring break as a way of rewarding ourselves after this difficult difficult quarter! So keep your eyes peeled for more spring time adventures to come!


18 thoughts on “Sutro Baths

  1. Needless to say, your blog is amazing! These photos really capture the essence of the afternoon glow at the Sutro Baths, keep on keeping on!

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  2. “God’s got my back”. Love that. Make sure to remember He’s also got your front 😊. Sometimes I think of God in terms of ready to catch me when and if I fall rather than thinking how He is also always ahead of me and falling forward is the ingredient to flight. Praying for your new feathers.


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