I’m Feelin’ 22


March 9th marked my 22nd birthday! Woot! My friends had surprises lined up for me the entire day. It started at midnight with my housemates singing to me, blasting Taylor Swift’s song “22”, and then feeding me delicious Tiramisu (which was the beginning of “fatten Carmen up day” as I liked to call it). My boyfriend also knocked on the door and surprised me with many of my favorite snacks, including blue corn Tortilla chips, Ghiradelli chocolate, and fruit snacks (please dont judge me haha, I love feeling like a little kid).


Every class I went to, I was met with friends who handed me beautiful flower bouquets, lots and lots of desserts, surprise meals for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. It was so intricately planned, props to the boyfriend for organizing it all so well.


This little octopus pictured above was a prize I won from a free wheel you get to spin on your birthday at this sushi place in Davis called Mikuni’s. Our server was actually a friend I had made in my Anatomy course this quarter, so he hooked it up with some free dessert as well!


I did have a pretty intense final at 8am the next morning, so the “surprise party” for me got moved to the next night. Which made it all the more unexpected! I dove to the ground because the people jumping up yelling SURPRISE threw me for a loop! A bunch of my friends pitched in to buy me a new wide angle camera lens *swoon*. I had been looking into purchasing one and I am beyond excited to use it!


My roommate gifted me a succulent that she potted herself! Isn’t it the cutest thing? My other friend gave me a “Toast” cookbook and told me that it looked like my Instagram, and I told her that I would be so flattered if my Instagram ever looked like that. I am so excited to make some more delicious fancy schmancy toast though! Here’s a few pictures I snapped on my phone of my friends below (gotta put faces to these wonderful people who made my day so special):


Here’s to a great year of more growth in friends, more growth in adventure, and more growth in my FOOD CONSUMPTION. I seriously stuffed beyond belief with love, sweet words, and desserts. Couldn’t have asked for a better day!


20 thoughts on “I’m Feelin’ 22

  1. Happy Birthday and so glad you had an awesome one! My niece’s birthday is today as well. I am also glad you shared and your images are great! Look forward to seeing more. Great surprise with the camera. I found one I would like to get (it is within my price range). The first one I fixed my eyes on was double the cost.


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