Seattle Day 2

We woke up bright and early the next day, after a long day of missing our flight and exploring, to visit the Seattle Public Library! Sounds nerdy, I know, but we didn’t go there to read. We just wanted to visit the architecturally gorgeous building. The library is 1o floors, and contains floor to ceiling glass windows. I am an absolute sucker for abundant natural lighting.


We lined up outside to wait for the library to open at 10am. We found it interesting that the crowd waiting outside consisted of 20% locals/tourists, and 80% homeless people. We walked inside when the place opened to find numerous policemen waiting around the entire building. Most of the homeless people flocked to the computers, and we were very intrigued as to why this was. Let me know if you know why (:


While walking around, we kept exclaiming, “I would DEFINITELY not mind studying here all day for finals!” Why can’t UC Davis’ library be so breathtakingly beautiful?! Well UC Davis is awesome, but 10 floors?! A coffee shop inside? Couches? A succulent garden? Luxurious beyond belief dude. If you venture up to the 4th floor, everything, literally everything is red. We walked around and it was filled with lots of meeting rooms. I wonder why that is as well. This library sparks many questions in my little brain.




Then we walked down just a few hilly streets to Pike’s Place little hidden gem, Storyville. This coffee shop is beyond cute. The window’s overlook the infamous red “Public Market Center” sign that marks Pike’s Place Market. I’m also really lovin’ the logo with the little boy flying the airplane. The coffee shop really is hidden away up a few flight of stairs. The servers were all so sweet, and I met a barista who actually lived in San Francisco! What a bonding moment.


If you’ve taken a walk around the Pike’s Place Market, you’ll have seen the endless bouquets of breathtakingly delightful and vibrant flowers that span the inside. Something about their flowers are extremely captivating. You can’t walk around Pike’s Place for a few minutes without seeing a woman happily carrying around one of the beauteous bouquets she now claims as her own!


One of our favorite stands was Pappardelle’s Pasta! They drew us in with the chocolate dessert pasta they let us taste. Both of our favorites was the Lemon Parsley Mafaldine pasta. You could really taste the lemon flavor and the shape was really funny and unique! I also bought some “Pizza Pasta” (it’s actually called the Tunisian Harissa Fettuccine) for my dad. It really really tasted like pizza! So crazy.


We first stopped to visited the guys we’ve heard so much about, the fish throwing guys! Named the Pike Place Fish, every time a customer orders some fish, they shout loud loud things and start throwing the huge fish across their stands to each other. It’s such a spectacle. Many crowd around in anticipation for when the next throwing will be. Among having visited the famous Russian bakery, Piroshky Piroshky, along with the infamous Gum Wall, we stopped by Ellenos to take some of the most DELICIOUS greek yogurt we ever have! It was healthy so it left us feeling pretty good, and we cleaned the cup the whole way through.


We ended our night with dinner at the romantic Pink Door restaurant. The service was impeccable, the entry way a little mysterious (since there is no sign that says “The Pink Door” but only a little pink-colored door in the gray alleyway to hint at their existence. The clams in the white wine sauce were to die for, and I couldn’t have ended the night in a better way. A must visit! The rain was very soft, subtle, and we barely needed an umbrella that day. It was so fun walking through the market together, with so many different things to divert our attention to. It was no wonder we could spend an entire day there! Only one more day in Seattle left!