Exciting Announcement!

I know I said bye.. but I just wanted to make a quick announcement for all my subscribers still over here!

When the impending doom (ok not doom school it’s a privilege to begin pharmacy school soon but studying ugh) of school approaching, I’ve been getting more and more motivated to start checking off my gap year to do list. Within this list, includes the vague checkbox of “doing more with my photos”. I wasn’t sure whether this meant submitting them into photo contests, starting a website dedicated to my photos (check – carmenhaideeleung.com), or selling it! I actually teamed up with Society6 and set up on online shop to sell my photography displayed as art prints, canvas prints, notebooks, clocks, and more! I would greatly appreciate all of your support in checking it out at https://society6.com/carmenhaideeleung. Below are just a couple of example photos you can purchase at the link!


TLDR: BUY MY STUFF AT https://society6.com/carmenhaideeleung