Best Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is absolutely gorgeous! Read more about my road trip travels here: 

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Flower Mart Crazy

For my birthday, my sister surprised me at midnight (and this was greeted with a full on scream since I was feeling extra jumpy after watching the hot new thriller, Get Out, which I actually highly recommend everyone to watch). Anyways, the sweet girl and I stayed up until 3am chatting away, dragging ourselves out of bed to drive over to the San Francisco Flower Mart, where flowers are sold at wholesale prices.

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A bunch of ranunculus flowers were only $6 (what a steal!). Please the streamer-looking petaled flowers were only $5 a bunch, well actually only $2.50 technically since after purchasing the orange bunch the shopkeeper threw in a white bunch for free. That literally made my day to get such a deal. What kindness!!

Only florists with official badges can get in early to order with vendors and shop the earliest, freshest picks, but the place is listed to open to the public starting at 10am. Although, I’ve heard little birdies say that it is open to the public a bit earlier than that, so head in as early as possible to get the freshest blooms before they run out! A lot of vendors have been in the market selling since 5 or 6AM, so you can imagine how tired they must be by the time even 10am rolls around. Therefore, I shall reiterate my advice to get there early! Also, bring cash since not all vendors take card, or many have a minimum purchasing limit to meet before they’ll accept your card.

A highly recommended San Francisco adventure spot!

Buh-Bye College, You’ve Been Great


“UC Davis you have been too good to me. Through you, I’ve developed life long friendships. I’ve learned the importance of relationship, of community, and of encouragement. I’ve met people who constantly see the good in me and never let me settle for believing in myself any less than I deserve. I’ve met people who call me Carmpoop, who like to literally pick me up, who literally sit on me, who make me laugh until my stomach hurts, and who go out of their way to make sure that I know that I am special. I used to believe that I was easily invisible, easily lost in a crowd, and easily overlooked. But I’ve met people who will never let me think like that again. When I think of you, I’ll think of the many late nights I spent studying with friends, the adventures to Paris, Tahoe, Seattle, the inside jokes, the heartfelt prayers, but mostly, I’ll remember how fully God loves. Watching people love because they know and realize just to what depths God’s love reaches will inspire me for life. Thank you for encouraging me to be bold, for reminding me that I am seen, and for teaching me what family looks like.


PC: THE MOST AMAZING Ed Ju who made me feel better when I let our balloon prop fly up up & away.

The above features the literal snippet of what I used as my Facebook caption. Ed Ju is the most amazing friend, bible study leader, and photographer I have come to know and personally love. He took literally all of these photos for me, and I just wanted to share my special moment with you all!


I’m feeling super sentimental, even thought I won’t be leaving really. I have a couple job offers for my gap year in Davis, but I still couldn’t help but tear up during my last academic lab course today. I know right? Who cries about lab? It’s not like I’ll miss working with bacteria or anything, but I mean…secretly, I kind of will.


Yeah, I don’t really know what we were doing during this photo above. But for some reason, I find it REALLY funny.


I am not normally a PDA (public displays of affection) kind of person, so I actually shouted to our photographer, “ED I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH BEING SO CLOSE TO HARRY IN FRONT OF YOU RIGHT NOW”. But you know what? This photo ended up being my favorite of the bunch. Hehe!


Fun fact, this was during a real live serenading session. Harry sang Gravity by John Mayer and I probably won’t tell him this too often because he never serenades me while staring deeply into my eyes (sounds romantic in theory but we both admit it’s a tad awkward because what am I supposed to do, smile at him for 5 minutes?), but it really did melt my heart a bit. Also featured below is my big fat bruise from running into my living room table. No nothing tripped me or anything, I just really am that clumsy.