Tartine Manufactory – New Blog Post!

Now that I’m done with finals I finally have time to explore San Francisco! Check out this new aesthetic spot, filled with natural light, friendly service, and BEAUTIFUL and FLAVOR EXPLODING dishes/pastries!

Check more out at HERE <- (pssssst please CLICK ME)

Here’s a few photos to entice you:


Flower Mart Crazy

For my birthday, my sister surprised me at midnight (and this was greeted with a full on scream since I was feeling extra jumpy after watching the hot new thriller, Get Out, which I actually highly recommend everyone to watch). Anyways, the sweet girl and I stayed up until 3am chatting away, dragging ourselves out of bed to drive over to the San Francisco Flower Mart, where flowers are sold at wholesale prices.

Flower 5Flower 4Flower 3Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

A bunch of ranunculus flowers were only $6 (what a steal!). Please the streamer-looking petaled flowers were only $5 a bunch, well actually only $2.50 technically since after purchasing the orange bunch the shopkeeper threw in a white bunch for free. That literally made my day to get such a deal. What kindness!!

Only florists with official badges can get in early to order with vendors and shop the earliest, freshest picks, but the place is listed to open to the public starting at 10am. Although, I’ve heard little birdies say that it is open to the public a bit earlier than that, so head in as early as possible to get the freshest blooms before they run out! A lot of vendors have been in the market selling since 5 or 6AM, so you can imagine how tired they must be by the time even 10am rolls around. Therefore, I shall reiterate my advice to get there early! Also, bring cash since not all vendors take card, or many have a minimum purchasing limit to meet before they’ll accept your card.

A highly recommended San Francisco adventure spot!

iPhone Wonders Pt 2


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I decided to do another iPhone series! All these pictures in this post are taken on my newly fixed (’cause I kind of cracked the screen earlier while playing Pokemon Go…) iPhone 6! As much as I love my camera, it can’t seem to beat the convenience and ease of the very capable iPhone camera!

This summer, I decided that I, a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, would give into her love of pretty things and intern with an inspiring and talented florist. What about flowers is not captivating? Their smells (I’m happy to announce that my new favorite smell comes from the Patience Garden Rose if anyone felt like buying me flowers or somethin’), their soft touch, their unique coloring, their all encompassing representations of love, celebration, or a mere thoughtful gesture. I was so honored that my new boss, Allie from Bloomwell & Co, decided to give me a shot and allow me to volunteer for her. She’s so bubbly, funny, and inspiring that it makes me feel so shy to be around her! I’ll warm up though! So many moments in my life did I just wish I could drop this medical field stuff and go into something creative. Somewhere deep in my heart, I’m questioning pharmacy school, I’m questioning not taking advantage of the freedom (no family obligations, career obligations, etc. ) I have while I’m only 22.

Allie asked me twice why I wanted to intern for her, and honestly I didn’t have a good answer, because I totally emailed her on a whim and I’ve never done anything like this at all! I want to explore, to taste, for the first time, a part of the life part of me wishes I could live. Running your own company at 23, that’s crazy! I’m really excited to continue to learn from her. Eek! She’s so sweet, she even gave me a little bouquet she made in a mason jar below! I was so surprised and so happy!!


Also, having traveled back and forth between Davis and San Francisco all summer, I’ve found my new favorite coffee shop: Reveille Coffee. I’ve been going to the location in SOMA. It’s beautiful, huge windows that provide natural lighting, minimalistic, and has the most DELICIOUS matcha lattes! I’ve been going there to study (free wifi only on weekdays though).

IMG_0421IMG_1386Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Sutro Baths

One of my hands down favorite spots in the Richmond area in San Francisco, when I go back home, is Sutro Baths/Lands End. It’s an easy, simple hike, and full of amazing scenery. The area used to be a glamorous public saltwater indoor pool in the early 20th century, but then it burned down in the mid-90s. However, it’s glory lives on because the ruins are actually one of the most visited landmarks in San Francisco! Needless to say, I love it.


I think that every single time I’ve been there, I’ve seen engagement shoots, wedding shootings, or just boyfriends that want to take pictures of their girlfriends (like the guy Harry is accidentally pretending to kick), so needless to say, this is a good good spot.


As college comes to a close, everyone has been stressing out about what is to happen next. They are thinking a lot about what career path to choose, which location to settle down in, etc. But I’m just sitting here knowing that wherever I go, God’s got my back. To trust Him is so exciting, because he always makes good of the unexpected. I’m settling on the fact that I’ve made lifelong friends here at UC Davis, and that there’s time to be taken advantage of now! Instead of worrying too much about what is going to happen, I’m making sure to enjoy every TINY bit of the last few months I do have left!


This quarter has been my most difficult quarter, academics wise, and I’m SO EXCITED for it to be over! For some reason, all three of the hardest classes I have ever taken are only offered winter quarter, so I was forced to do it all at once. I find myself asking… when was the last time I had enough sleep. HAHA so sad!  But then, my friend Phoebe and I are going to venture off to Seattle this spring break as a way of rewarding ourselves after this difficult difficult quarter! So keep your eyes peeled for more spring time adventures to come!


Getting Toast(y) for the Winter


Finals were certainly stressful this time around, but there is no better feeling than the freedom I felt from finishing my last test and walking out to the fresh air. Only two more quarters until I graduate from University of California, Davis! There is no telling what comes afterwards, but hey, let’s take life one step at a time! To celebrate the end of finals and the start of the holidays, my sister-Katie-and I decided to make some cute little toasts ! I totally stole the idea for this punny blog title from my sister btw. We grabbed our inspiration from Tastemade, a group on Facebook that has delicious food ideas. You can visit their video through the link down below.


Katie has always been the better chef, and I always learn really simple foundational things from cooking with her. To wash strawberries and blueberries, she taught me to soak them in water a little bit of baking soda. I just always scrubbed them in water. Apparently she learned that from our mother… I should pay attention in the kitchen more.


Today, I decided that one of my favorite sensations in the world was the taste of freshly hand-whipped heavy whipping cream.

It was a very simple process. We toasted the bread, whipped the cream, spread the Nutella, cut the fruit, and placed them aesthetically all over the place.

Orange and Walnut Nutella Toast
Kiwi and Banana Toast
Strawberry and Blueberry Nutella Toast
Apple Walnut and Cinnamon Sugar Toast
Fresh Tomato and Pepper Toast
Avocado and Pomegranate Toast
Your chefs for today: Me (left) and Katie (right)

Where we drew our inspiration from:

Bread & Sweets All Day


My good friend Monica decided to come to SF to hang out with me for a day! Our first stop was to The Mill. A cafe that describes themself as a “joint venture between Four Barrel Coffee and Josey Baker Bread”. Monica and I both agreed that the place and all of its customers looked like they were plucked straight out from an edition of Kinfolk.




Next, we hopped on over to Mr. Holmes Bakery. There was no line because we got there kind of late. Eh…Pros and Cons. We missed the Cruffins, but every other pastry we tasted was beyond delicious. I would highly recommend.




Yeah I did. No jk I didn’t.


IMG_6485  IMG_6484

Then we went to the Mission District (her fav) and enjoyed some samples and gawked at the cheese at Bi-Rite Market after doing some people watching at Mission Delores Park. My favorite cheese from there would definitely have to be the triple cream brie. $7 seems kinda pricey for a slice of cheese, but you need to try it. It is totally worth every penny.

  IMG_6491   IMG_6501


We then contemplated purchasing an air plant. They literally just hang off the wall. Who knew that was a thing?


We then walked over to this amazing tiny dessert shop called the Sixth Course. I bought a small box of chocolates that consisted of a Habanero flavor, a curry flavor, brown butter sage, and a smokey caramel. The Habanero (the lonely white, red, and yellow chocolate in the top left corner) was almost all sold out, so I made sure to snatch up the last one standing. It surprisingly tasted pretty hot and spicy, but the sweetness of the white chocolate balanced it out pretty well. Plus. Everything looks so pretty!


Tartine Bakery was our next stop! A kind stranger behind us recommended this porridge bread and so we decided to try that one! It was moist and freshly out at 4:30pm. Totally worth the line yet again. After all, long line = high probability the food there is BOMB.


And the bread was indeed bomb.

  IMG_6531 IMG_6532IMG_6530

Isn’t she cute? Lastly we attempted to walk off all the sweets we had eaten today by climbing the famous Moraga steps! These are barely a 5 minute drive away from my house. I love seeing all the names of all the people who contributed to the building of these stairs when etching into the tiles.

IMG_6538 IMG_6540 IMG_6551 IMG_6562

I’m Back San Fran

IMG_6369untitled  IMG_6310IMG_6312IMG_6305  untitled2IMG_6303  untitled3untitled4

I was welcomed back into fog city with a surprising amount of sun. I’m lovin it.IMG_6367IMG_6336  IMG_6337

Now that I’m back from Paris, I definitely am experiencing withdrawals. During my lunch break at work, I actually started looking up the cost of plane tickets to go back to Paris next summer. Heh. I am currently working as a summer temp at Hills Physicians with a bunch of amazing & inspiring pharmacists in managed care. I get my own cubicle and glass name place card everything! I feel so legit. The commute to San Ramon is quite far, but manageable. When the weekend finally came, my sister and I decided to venture out to our own home’s backyard. We usually affiliate the backyard with our precious puppy Snowy’s bathroom space. As we stepped out back, even though we’ve lived in this house all our lives, we both realized we didn’t even know what color the back of our house was! As you can tell, due the association of the backyard with poop, we don’t go back there much. This time around, we’ve developed a newfound appreciation for our white paneled backyard and the new garden my mom has begun. I guess since both her children are growing older and leaving for college, she still needed something to take care of. Haha it’s sweet.

Getting to spend quality time with my little sister has been one of my favorite things about summer. When we were little, we used to help each other circumvent our parent’s strict rules, toss stuffed animals back and forth as a game of intense catch when we were supposed to be asleep, and pull up sleeping bags to have sleepovers in the other’s rooms. I love being around her because she’s weird, which influences me to become weird, and all the weirdness just cracks me up. She’s going off to college in less than a month so I’m super excited for her! She’s also getting her wisdom teeth out later this week. I’m excited to make fun of her and her chubby chipmunk cheeks.

Excited for the many super hip adventures in San Francisco to come.